We Paint

– created for iPad.

With respect for kids and their creative and colorful mind, and their skill to enjoy the real world in all its details, we have created a beautiful drawing app with great features.knap til download

We started designing the app because we think that there is missing an app with the opportunity to draw and paint together. With this app two people can draw at the same time, with two different colors and drawing functions. That means that you can draw with your kid, the app can be used in group-tasks and brothers and sisters can use the only iPad in the house together.

The app contains 30 different drawings created by the artist Anna Hofgaard Møller. The drawings can be used just to color but also create new finished expressions. With 3 different drawing style functions, 22 different colors and a book where you can save and sent your drawings, you have your own little office of art. You can also choose to listen to forest sounds while drawing (sounds that will not make parents crazy in the long run).


We Paint is designed to inspire kids to draw and make them focused on the drawing task.